About Us

Established in 2006, NAKIBCO is a leading company in civil engineering and construction projects as well as in cultural heritage and urban development. Through professionalism and efficient work, NAKIBCO has grown and turned out to be a leading general contractor across Lebanon in building and infrastructure construction as well as in cultural and historical structure restoration.

Our portfolio includes some of the region’s most luxurious buildings, villas and palaces as well as some of the most iconic historical structures. We have also constructed vital infrastructure projects including roads, beach walkways, breakwaters and wharfs.

Primarily our expertise involves civil, electrical and mechanical works with a team of experienced experts and staff. Our projects have ranged from huge investment corporate and infrastructure projects to housing architecture projects.

NAKIBCO has also a portfolio of multiple restoration projects of historical monuments that preserved the great architecture of iconic structures by providing a revised face with all respect to the detailed architectural features. Our experience in preserving identities of architectural structures, delivering optimal quality and meeting client requirements makes us stand out as the preferred contractor in delivering construction project works over the years.

Established in 2006, NAKIBCO is a leading company in Cultural Heritage & Urban Development as well as construction projects.

Cultural Heritage is something to be kept for generations ahead. The great architecture of our ancestors must be preserved at all costs. Hence why NAKIBCO is leading an initiative of reviving the old architecture and making it an indivisible part of our modern society.


  • NAKIBCO has goodwill in the market for our continuous pursuit of quality and superiority in all our services. 

  • Our industry experience of more than 15 years

  • NAKIBCO has been serving with excellent contracting service. 

  • Our team of architects, engineers, technical & non-technical workers have been chosen precisely based on their individual values so that collectively we can build our own value


We look for individuals that are ambitious, intellectual, and Analytical in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, and Business Management in general. Such individuals are highly appreciated here at NAKIBCO. Please contact us to explore potential opportunities and work on upcoming and current projects with NAKIBCO.